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To add Magnetic Concepts (www.magneticconcepts.com) as a bookmark:

Internet Explorer Instructions:

  • Select the icon "Favorites" from the top toolbar
  • On the sub-menu click on the "Add to Favorites" option
  • Give the link a new name or go with the default name and select "OK" to save
  • When you want to access the link, go back to the "Favorites" sub-menu and scroll down to select your link
  Netscape Instructions:
  • Depending on your version, select "Bookmarks" or "Communicator, Bookmarks" from the top toolbar
  • In the submenu select "Add Bookmark" or "Add Current Page"
  • When you want to access the link, go back to the submenu and scroll down to select your link
  • Or in version 6, select the "Search" icon and then "Search bookmarks"
To make Magnetic Concepts (www.magneticconcepts.com) your home page:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.x and above:
  • Go to the desired page
  • At the top of your browser, click the Tool menu
  • Select Internet Option
  • Click the General tab
  • In the Home Page section, click Use Current
  • Click OK

  Netscape Navigator Version 4.x or above:
  • Click on the Edit menu
  • Choose Preferences
  • Under Category, click Navigator
  • In the Location or Home Box enter desired address or click "Use Current Page"
  • Click OK
. On a Mac using Netscape 6:
  • At top of browser, select "Edit" and "Preference"
  • In the middle of the new window there is a bold heading "Home Page"
  • Next to "address" type in the URL including "http://" that you want to be your startup home page
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