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Custom Size Whiteboards

High quality, dry erase, magnetic whiteboard panels sized to YOUR specs

custom sized lined, gridded and plain magnetic whiteboard panels
Pictured: three sample 22"H x 33"W panels - lined, gridded, plain - $235. ea

      · Standard board sizes don't "fit"? Let us make the size just right for your space!
      · Measure your board space using Outside Dimensions (including frame, edge to edge)
      · Minimum: 12"H x 18"W = 216 Square Inches
      · Maximum: 48"H x 144"W = 6,912 Square Inches
      · Note: Actual available whiteboard surface area is 1" less in height and width

Very durable, dry erase, non-stain, magnetic whiteboard surface
      · Ruggedly constructed to provide years of uninterrupted use
      · Choice of 3 surfaces: plain white, 1" space lined, 1"x1" grid pattern

Personalize your board
      · A Supply Kit is not included, simply add just the accessories you want
      · Options include: wood frames, other line patterns, other line colors

Sizes and Prices
(specify specific board size and surface in shopping cart)

To order: click Part # to place in shopping cart

Sq.In. Board Size
H" x W" (O.D.)
216 - 432 UPS 91230SZ 169.
433 - 576 UPS 91330SZ 199.
577 - 864 UPS 91350SZ 235.
865 - 1152 UPS 91370SZ 279.
1153 - 1728 Truck 91570SZ 369.
1729 - 2304 Truck 91770SZ 455.
2305 - 2880 Truck 91780SZ 570.
2881 - 3456 Truck 91790SZ 625.
3457 - 4608 Truck 91701SZ 745.
4609 - 6912** Truck 91705SZ 979.


1. Specify board size (H & W) with order - in inches
measured edge to edge (Outside Dimensions)

2. Specify panel surface style with order:
      • Plain white
      1" x 1" gridded
      1" lined

3. Sizes over 8' long (96"L) are available in plain white surface only up to 12' long (144"L)

** Larger sizes can be constructed by adjoining
multiple panels together - contact us for more


Magnetic Panel Description
      · Dry-erase, non-stain surface on three layer substrate of steel, wood & aluminum
      · Framed in satin finish aluminum
      · Plain - white; 1"x1" Gridded - grey squares; 1" Lined - grey horizontal lines
Magnetic Panel Options - contact Customer Service to special order
      · Panels may also be hung vertically, however you must indicate that preference with
        your order such that the installed hanging brackets on back are properly positioned
      · Wood frame: Natural Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Black stains - add 20% to price above       
      · Line colors: black, red, green, blue, disappearing (lightly colored)       
      · Other line patterns: 3" spaced lines, 1"x2" grid, vertical lines, etc - select your own
        pattern to best fit your needs
      · Whiteboard Skin only - plain surface whiteboards (dry erase whiteboard on steel with
        no backing) are available for re-surfacing applications - sizes up to 4'x8', price is 60%
        of panel Part # prices above
Optional Accessories - sold separately
      · Lining tape, eraser, chalktray, letter/number sets, markers - see Whiteboard Supplies
      · Magnetic letters, symbols, card holders, clips - see Other Magnetic Accessories

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