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Whiteboard Customization Ideas

Enhance the utilization of your whiteboard
Colors, Borders, LOGOs, Graphic Designs, Accessories & More!

Click on a blue text link to go to a specific customization idea option below

      · Colors
      · Headers
      · Background Watermarks
      · Logos
      · Graphic Designs
      · Shaded Rows
      · Photo Images
      · Frames
      · Accessories
              Magnets, Card Holders, Indicators, Lining, Lettering, Document Holders,
              Markers, Cleaners, Cards, Hooks & Hangers, Supplies Holders

   Customization is much more than just making a board "pretty"
      · Easier to use - helpful magnetic accessories and whiteboard supplies
      · Clearer to see - contrast rows/columns/sections and distinguish with color
      · Simpler to update - quickly move magnetic symbols or cards
      · Improves communication - draws more attention, increases readability
      · Increases awareness - colors and graphics can emphasize news, performance,
      · Adds value - the more effectively your board is utilized, the more valuable it

   Pictures below are only some ideas
      · Examples of what some customers have done (not your entire list of choices)
      · YOU can determine the size, color and design specifications you want for
        YOUR board
      · Custom design work we have to create for you may incur a one-time, small
        prep charge
      · Remember to allow 1" height and width for the standard aluminum frame - ex: nominal
        dimensions of a 3'x4' board has 35"x47" available whiteboard space for your design.
      · Repeat orders: we keep your design(s) on file for quick and easy re-ordering

Simply provide us with the idea reference code (ex: H4) listed below
Provide a detailed description and we'll be happy to create it for you!

  · CC - Custom colors - provide a graphic file, Pantone %, PMS #, or a sample color swatch

      Note: While we can offer virtually the entire spectrum of colors, the absolutely perfect match
      is not likely due to comparing different surfaces displaying the same color formula
      (paper with printer ink versus steel with our Polymer Fusion™ Surface). But, it should be
      pretty close.

  · Header styles - select from the choices below or create one of your own
color text header
H1 Color text
color background header
H2 Color background
reversed out text header
H3 Reversed out text
call-out color header
H4 Color with call-out
two color header
H5 Two-color blend
custom header
HC Custom design


     · Watermarks - pale graphic of your image in the background

watermark logo product watermark landscape watermark
W1 Your logo                     Enlarge

W2 Image (ex: product)   Enlarge

W3 Scene (ex: sunset)    Enlarge


     · Logo styles - the better the quality of image you provide, the better it looks on your board

black silhouette logo
L1 Silhouette (black)
color logo
L2 Color (you choose colors)
custom matched logo
LC You supply image or graphic file


     · Designs - either you provide your graphic file or we develop one for you

sample custom graphic sample sports design custom created board layout
G1 You provide artwork

GC We create your layout

GC We create your design


     · Color rows - pastel color shades to differentiate rows or groups of rows

alternating rows alternating colors colored row groups
S1 Alternating one color  Enlarge

S2 Two-color                     Enlarge

SC Your sections              Enlarge


     · Full color pictures - you provide the image file (a good quality photo is required to
       create a good quality reproduction on the whiteboard)

color picture on a whiteboard group of pictures on the whiteboard picture as a whiteboard background
P1 Single photo                Enlarge

P2 Multiple photos            Enlarge

PW Background photo    Enlarge


     · Framing - select one of the choices below

standard aluminum frame heavy duty aluminum frame stained wood frame grain colors
F1 Standard Aluminum    Enlarge

F2 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Enlarge
     industrial strength

F3 Stained Woods (4)     Enlarge
     oak, walnut, cherry, black


     · Accessorizing - go to the page for a comprehensive listing of useful whiteboard supplies:
             Magnets, Card Holders, Indicators, Lining, Lettering, Document Holders,
             Markers, Cleaners, Cards, Hooks & Hangers, Supplies Holders

1x2 inch grid whiteboard

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