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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the inquiries we receive most often and we have grouped them for you:
The Top 3

If you have another question, please do not hesitate to give us
a quick call or email and we will be happy to respond right away.

  1. How quick can you ship that out?

FAST. No need to wait months. All boards are custom made and are usually shipped within two weeks. All
stocked items are shipped in just a few days, often less.

  2. How can I pay for this?

Easy, we accept purchase orders and credit cards - MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. See
Terms & Conditions
for additional information.

  3. How do we get started? or How do I open an account?

Simply provide us with a PO or credit card #, billing address, and you are all ready.

  4. How much do you charge for shipping & handling and how is it sent?

The actual UPS or truck freight charges will be pre-paid and included on your invoice or can be charged to
your shipper account. We do NOT add any "handling" or "packing" fees. See Shipping & Handling for more information. Boards and products 3'x3' and smaller generally are shipped via UPS (or Parcel Post for
APO & FPO shipments). Larger boards and products are shipped via truck or air freight.

  5. Do you have overnight or expedited shipping?

Yes. Air, overnight, expedited or upgraded shipping is available and will incur an extra charge.

  6. Can you ship overseas?

Yes. International shipping is available via UPS, Federal Express, Yellow Freight, Parcel Post, and various air freight forwarders. You are responsible for all customs charges, taxes, fees and duties due upon entering the destination location. See International/Exporting for additional information.

  7. I am not sure if we have ordered from you before?

That's OK - if you call us with your order, we will quickly search our customer data base by your name,
company name, location or phone number. If you are ordering online or via email or fax, we will search
the data base upon receipt of the order. 

  8. Can I order directly from this web site?

Sure. Select your item, click on the Part Number, and follow the order instructions. If your order includes
any custom design, further communication will likely be required to ensure complete accuracy. 

  9. Can I fax or email the order to you?

Absolutely, fax to 317-580-4024 or email send message your order anytime 24 hours a day and we will
process your order at the beginning of the next business day. You will receive a confirmation by email
on the same or next business day.

  10. How do we send our board graphics or text files to you?

Email send message with your files attached is the quickest and easiest method. Supply your PC file
in a TIF or EPS format sized to 1" less than the actual board height and width. We are able to convert
Excel, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Autocad, Powerpoint, Macintosh, and other similar
file programs. Include printed proof of file with fonts or store text as curves. Bitmap files (.tif, .bmp, .pcx)
should have resolutions of 100 dpi at full panel size dimensions. The product prices assume you provide a
compatible computer file. If you would like us to prepare a file from your sketch or if your file requires
conversion or modification, there will be a one-time preparation fee of $50.-$100. based upon complexity.

  11. Can you send me a new catalog?

Sure, see Catalog Mail List or call us toll free at 800-334-4245.

  12. I do not know if I have the most current catalog?

No problem, the Part #s do not change and we rarely ever have a price increase. 
The issue date can be found near the top of the front cover - ask a customer service representative if that
is the most recent issue. If not, we will gladly send the current one to you.

  13. Can you drop Mr. Jones from the catalog mail list? or Please add Mr. Smith to your list?

Sure - simply provide all the information from his catalog mailing label via fax, email or phone. Please
note that occasionally we supplement our catalog distribution with an association membership list, trade
show attendee list, or etc. If Mr. Jones is on their list, that is their property and we cannot remove him.
To be added to the list, see Catalog Mail List. 

  14. Are you a government contractor?

YES. Our contract GS-29F-6275A has been in effect since 1991. For additional information on our
contract or government orders, see GSA Order Information

  15. Where are you located?

Our manufacturing plant is located just north of Indianapolis, Indiana - the address is listed at the left. Your
order will be shipped directly from this facility. For additional background information, see Corporate Profile.

  16. Are your products available in retail stores or elsewhere?

No. We sell direct to the customer and not via stores, dealers or other resellers.

  If you have another question or concern, please call our friendly Customer Service
Department at 1-800-334-4245 for more information.
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