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Full Product List

Alphabetic listing of products offered by Magnetic Concepts Corp.

Click on a blue text link or picture for product description, sizes and prices
Apartment Make Ready
apartment preparation whiteboards
Unit management schedule board
Appointment Planner
appointment setting boards
Day times for up to 2 weeks
Auto Sales Scheduling
car sales staffing board
Work schedule by rep
Auto Service Schedule
car repair schedule
Service & repair status
Break-Apart Magnets
scored color magnet sheets
8x10 scored sheets
Bulletin Boards
commercial bulletin boards
Plain, rolling & enclosed styles
C-Channel Card Holders
magnetic rubber c channel card holders
Magnetic, slide-in
Cabinet Style Whiteboard Kit
whiteboard in wood cabinet
Attractive wood door enclosure
Calendar - Full Year Kit
one year calendar whiteboard
Months rows & days columns
Calendar - Lift-Out Kit
calendar with lift out whiteboard panels
Rotate panels each month
Calendar - Monthly Kit
monthly calendar whiteboard
1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 month board
Calendar - Year Columnar
one year columnar calendar
Detailed with shaded daily columns
Cardio Equipment Board
emergency room organizing board
Sign-up & reserve times
Car Rental Board
vehicle rental reservation schedule
Reservation tracking T-cards
Cell Layout Kit
magnetic cell layout kit
Magnetic work area design
Cell Productivity
workstation production tracking
Track workstations
Cemetery Map
map board of grave sites
Display of plot locations
Changeable Directories
3 styles of changing directories
Enclosed, pedestal or mounted
Charting Tape
charting tape for whiteboards
Create boxes and charts
Church Activity Calendar
rotating church calendar
Lift-out & rotate panels by month
Church Services
church jobs by service times
Member assignments by service time
Class Scheduler
listing of teachers by room
Roster of all teachers & rooms
Clean / No Erase magnet
clean/no erase double-sided magnet
Two-sided whiteboard indicator
Clear Pouch Card Holders
card holder with clear pocket
Adhesive backed vinyl
Clear Sealtite Holders
re-sealable clear holders
Vinyl with re-usable seal
Clear Tube Card Holders
slide in card holders
Slide in and protect cards
Color Dots
color stick on circles
Round, self-adhesive stickers
Columnar Whiteboards
pre-printed columnar board
Color shaded magnetic whiteboard
Combination Boards
whiteboard bulletin board combination
Whiteboard & bulletin board
Company Info Boards
board for company news, activities, ideas
Activities, meetings, ideas & more
Construction Schedule
construction job project tracking
Plan & track job phases
Continuous Improvement
lean manufacturing goal progress board
Progress measurement boards
Cork Bulletin Boards
commercial bulletin boards
Various sizes & styles
Crew & Equipment Kit
crew and equipment whiteboard
Resource control board
Cross Training Kit
personnel trained board
Track who's trained by job
Cubicle Whiteboards
custom cubicle whiteboard
Light weight, same high quality
Custom Imprinted Magnets
custom printed color magnets
Full color, laminated
Custom Magnetic Letters
magnetic letter number sets
Color numbers and letters
Custom Magnetic Symbols
custom color magnet shapes
Computer cut in 15 colors
Custom Panels
made-to-order whiteboard panels
Design your own whiteboard
Custom Whiteboards
custom designed whiteboards with graphics
Designed to your specs
Customer Service
magnetic concepts customer service
We're happy to help, contact us
Daily Job Schedule Kit
lift out job scheduling panels
Rotate lift-out panels
Daily Leave Schedule Kit
daily schedule board for leave and attendance
Track personnel up to 10 weeks
Daily Meeting Kit
meeting schedule board
Schedule & availability board
Daily Production Kit
daily schedule of production whiteboard
Schedule jobs up to 13 weeks
Damp-Erase Pens
damp erase pens for marking magnets and whiteboards
Magnet marking, 4 colors
perforated color cards for card holders
Perforated color sheets
Delivery Schedule
Time & truck driver by date
Time & truck driver by date
Disappearing Lines
Light colored lines fade as you back away
Lines fade as you back away
Double-Sided Magnets
magnets with different color on both sides
Two sides, two colors
Dry-Erase Eraser
magnetic eraser
Magnetic backing for whiteboards
Dry-Erase Magnets
color magnets with dry erase surface
15 colors, many sizes
Dry-Erase Markers
color markers for dry erase whiteboards
4 colors, wide or fine tip
Employee Communication Center
employee information board
Schedules, sales, safety, memos
Employee Recognition Board
display staff top performers
Honor staff performance
Enclosed Bulletin Board
bulletin board in an enclosed cabinet
Clear door cabinet
Enclosed Panel Cabinets
boards in enclosed cabinets
Whiteboard behind clear doors
Equipment Use Board
reserve school equipment
Check availability and reserve property
ER Control Board
emergency room organizing board
Patient assignments & status
Facilities & Equipment Kit
equipment and facilities use board
Availability & use board
Facilities Use Board
use of facilities scheduling boards
Reserve rooms and areas
Fire Dept Certifications
fire department training status display
Track staff training status
Fishbone Chart Kit
problem answer chart board
Cause & Effect whiteboard
Five Why Chart Kit
problem solving chart whiteboard
Ask Why Five Times board
Goal Progress Board
goal tracking boards
Boards for measuring goal progress
Gridded Whiteboard Kits
whiteboards with grid lines
Dry-erase board with grid pattern
grip a strip paper holder
Quickly & easily holds paperwork
Grocery Stock Rotations
rotate perishables schedule board
Rotate perishables, 7 day plan
Grocery Stocking Planner
stocking schedule for groceries
Assign stocking duties 1-week schedule
Hanging Kanban Cards
production labels laminated on plastic cards
Custom printed, laminated
Hi-Energy Magnets
strong magnet squares
Magnetic squares with adhesive
Hospital Rooms Coverage
patient rooms coverage board
Assign daily staff to patients
Improvements Center
improvements actions boards
Organizes continuous improvement
In/Out Combination Kit
in & out whiteboard with cork message board
Whiteboard & bulletin board
In / Out & Evacuation Board
emergency evacuation in/out board
Personnel location plus safety
In/Out Location Kit
in and out board with whereabouts
Indicate personnel status
In/Out Message Kit
in out whiteboard with message clips
Whiteboard with message clips
In/Out Remark Kit
in & out board with comment section
Personnel availability board
In/Out Time Kit
in and out return time board
Status & return time board
Installation Schedule
installation scheduling board
Install planning calendar
Job Assignment Kit
task and job assigning board
Job orders in magnetic clips
Job Status Kit
job tracking whiteboard
'How's our job doing' board
Kanban T-Card Board
kanban tracking board
Implement Kanban techniques
Labor Progress Board
follow labor and delivery by patient
Track newborn birth deliveries
Letters & Numbers - Adhesive
adhesive letters numbers
Sets in black or white sizes
Lined Whiteboard Kits
whiteboards with horizontal lining
Dry-erase board with 1" lines
Loading Dock Board
in and out dock use whiteboards
Inbound & outbound dock control
Machine & Job Schedule
machine scheduling board
Up to 40 machines or depts
Magnetic Cap & Hat Hook
small hook for hats and caps
Convenient, single hook
Magnetic Chalktray
whiteboard supplies tray
Holds supplies on whiteboard
Magnetic Clips
clips with magnetic backing
Holds paperwork on whiteboard
Magnetic Containers
plastic magnetic container
Stores supplies in a clear plastic bin
Magnetic Dates & Numbers
magnetic numbers and dates
Days, months, numbers sets
Magnetic File and Mail Tray
paperwork tray with magnet back
Holds papers on steel doors, desks
Magnetic Form Holders
holders with magnetic strip backing
Clear, plastic protective pocket
Magnetic Hat and Coat Hook
hook for jackets and caps
Hang on steel door or cabinet
Magnetic Indicators - Ceramic
magnetic circles and squares
Colorful, high strength magnets
Magnetic Indicators - Die-Cut
color shape magnets
Magnet shapes in 15 colors
Magnetic Letter Number Sets
number letter magnet sets
Display headings, names, dates
Magnetic Panels
do it yourself magnetic boards
Plain, lined, gridded boards
Magnetic Pen Holder
holder magnet for pens and markers
Holds marker/pen on the board
Magnetic Picture Hanger
hanger for magnetic surfaces
Hang pictures, charts, signs
Magnetic Production Cards
custom job production cards
Color, laminated job cards
Magnetic Purse Hook
single magnetic hook
Hang on steel door or cabinet
Magnetic Ribbon
thin rolls of color magnets
Cut to length on a board display
Magnetic Tag Holder Strips
tag holders with magnetic strip backing
Clear plastic with springy flap
Magnetic Tape
magnetizing tape with adhesive back
Magnetize items, self-adhesive
Magnetic T-Card Boards
t-card tracking board
Detailed task tracking
Maintenance Organizer
whiteboard for maintenance organizing
Assign work by personnel, job
Map Boards
full color whiteboard area maps
Parks, districts, neighborhoods
Materials Utilization Board
production materials usage markerboard
Use of resources, scrap & recycling
Medical Staff Assignments
duty assignments by department
Daily jobs by department
Memo Magnets
stronger magnets
High power to hold charts, maps
Menu Board
restaurant menu display board
Display specials or store events
Message Boards
message organizing whiteboard
Organize messages, don't misplace
Metrics Tracking Boards
metrics tracking system
Implement lean measurements
Multi-Purpose 1"x2" Kit
all purpose board with 1x2 grid cells
With small magnets or card holders
Multi-Purpose 1"x3" Kit
general purpose whiteboard with 1x3 grid
With small magnets or card holders
Multi-Purpose 1"x4" Kit
multiple function marker board with 1x4 magnets
With magnets or card holders
Multi-Purpose 2"x3" Kit
all-purpose whiteboard with 2x3 gridwork
With magnets or card holders
Multi-Purpose 2"x4" Kit
general use board with 2x4 grid lining
With large magnets or card holders
Multi-Purpose 3"x5" Kit
multi function dry erase board with 3x5 card holders
With large magnets or card holders
Mystery Shopper Ratings
display secret shopper rating scores
Post customer reviews and actions
Nurse Assignment Board
nurses assigned to patients each shift
Allocate staff to patients each shift
Nurses Station Board
nurse assignments and notes
Room assignments & notes
On-Duty Board
who's on duty whiteboard
Quickly see who is On or Off
Operating Room Planner
plan use of all operations rooms
Schedule & staff rooms with patients
Organization Chart Kits
chart board of organization structure
Communicate staff changes, levels
Paper Grip Board
grip-a-strips on whiteboard
Organizes reports, documents
Patient Admissions
new patients admissions tracker
Check status of new patients
Patient Charts Board
patient magnetic clipboards
Organize magnetic clipboards
Patient Room Board
whiteboard for every patient
Each patient whiteboard
Patient Status
patient situation board
Doctor & staff assignments, notes
Personnel Contact Boards
staff contact information list
Numbers to reach key staff
Pivoting Whiteboards
whiteboards that pivot
Flips over front-back
Plain Whiteboards
blank magnetic whiteboard
Magnetic, dry-erase surface
Planner Kits - Daily
daily planning whiteboard
Schedule up to 44 items by day
Planner Kits - Full Year
one year planning marker board
12 month rows x 31 day columns
Planner Kits - Monthly
monthly planning dry erase board
Large space for each day of month
Planner Kits - Weekly
weekly planning magnetic board
Schedule up to 65 weeks out
Plant and Facilities Kits
plant floor area designing board
Space layout magnetic boards
Plant Metrics Whiteboard
board to track manufacturing plant metrics
Track manufacturing facility measures
Plastic Datacards
plastic cards for laser printing
Perforated, laser printable
Plotting Board Kits
plot on magnetic grid board
Grid pattern on magnetic board
Police Crime Boards
crime activity by month
Track case activity & status each month
Preventive Maintenance Kits
maintenance scheduler board
Plan & track maintenance work
Process Flow Analysis Kits
analyze production board
Track work flow progress
Production Unit Measurements
production unit measures tracking board
Track production, efficiency & quality
Production Project Board
production projection status whiteboard
Update & report job progress
Project Control Kits
project management whiteboard
Communicate status of jobs
Property ID Labels
asset identification custom color labels
Identification of equipment & assets
Real Estate Sales
real estate sales board
Sales status by agent
Rehab Schedule
rehabilitation scheduling whiteboard
Patient & staff scheduling
Restaurant Scheduling Board
restaurant staff scheduler
Two week work schedule at a glance
Rolling Combination Boards
rolling whiteboard with bulletin boards
Half whiteboard, half bulletin board
Rolling Whiteboards
industrial strength rolling boards
Heavy duty roll-around board
Room and Equipment Kits
reserving rooms and equipment board
Use reservations & scheduling
Rotating Job Schedule
lift out job scheduling panels
Rotate 2-4 weekly panels
Rotating Lift-Out Panel Kits
lift out whiteboards
Choice of whiteboard surfaces
Rotating Production Schedules
production schedule with lift out boards
Lift-out panels for easy updating
Radiology Planning Board
radiology dept planner
Schedule patients thoughout day
Restaurant Staff Board
restaurant staff scheduler
Two week work schedule at a glance
Rotating Schedule Boards
rotating weekly staff boards
Rotate weekly lift-out staffing boards
Safety Record
safety tracking board
Track incidences to goals
Sales Tracking
sales tracker whiteboard
Daily results for a month
Scheduler Kits - Full Year
one year scheduling whiteboard
Plan activities one year out
Scheduler Kits - Monthly
lift out scheduling boards
Lift-out & update each month
School Activity Calendar
school year activity calendars
Month x day chart for school year
School Class Scheduler
listing of teachers by room
Roster of all teachers & rooms
School District Map
area map into a whiteboard surface
Detailed map in a whiteboard surface
School Music Whiteboards
music boards for schools & studios
Very durable, various designs
School Rotating Calendar
rotating school calendar
Always display 1-2 months out
Service Call Schedule
service & repair scheduling kit
Organize calls and appointments
Shelf Whiteboard Combos
shop floor roll-around
Industrial whiteboard & writing shelf
Shift Assignment Kits
assigning shifts and duties board
Shift duty board
Shift Duty Roster Kits
listing of shift work
Update work by moving magnets
Shipping Schedule
shipping scheduling boards
Outgoing truck loading docks status
Shop Signs
made to order hanging signs
Custom made, hanging or mounted
Shop Stickers
customized color stickers
Adhesive, color circles
Sliding Cover Signals
red green status indicator
Green-Red magnetic indicator
Sliding Door Cabinets
cabinet boards with glass doors
Whiteboard or bulletin board
Sliding Track Centers
whiteboards that slide
Two 4x5 sliding plus 4x10 in rear
Staff Crew Assignment Kits
assign personnel whiteboard
Coordinate & communicate jobs
Staff Picture Display Boards
employee picture board
Place faces with names
Staff Scheduling Board
store staff scheduler
Two week work schedule at a glance
Staff Rotating Boards
rotating weekly staff whiteboards
Rotate weekly lift-out staffing boards
Standing Display Centers
boards on legs
Roll-around or mounted boards
Stickers - Adhesive Circles
adhesive colored circles
Plain color or text made-to-order
Storage Box
store whiteboard indicators
Holds magnetic characters
Surgery Count Whiteboard
Item counts for a surgical procedure
Tracks counts of surgical items
Surgery Scheduler
surgery scheduling board
Time planning for surgeries
T-Cards - colored
color T-Cards
Perforated laser card sheets
T-Card Board Systems
t-card display board
Track jobs, service calls, projects
T-Card Slot Holders
white plastic t-card holder
6 or 11 slots, white or yellow
Therapy Schedule
board to plan therapy sessions
Plan patient therapy sessions
Thermometer Charts
thermometer chart boards
Results to goal progress
Ticket Holder Strips
clear grip card holders
Grip & hold job orders and cards
Training Room Whiteboards
training & meeting room boards
For meeting rooms, wood framed
Triage Status
patient status
New patient tracker
Vacation Attendance Kits
vacation tracking board
Schedule & arrange time off
Vehicle Inventory Board
auto stock tracking t-card board
Organize stock on T-cards
Vehicle Management Board
vehicle reservation dry erase board
Availability & schedule info
Vehicle Sales
Rep sales for a month
Month sales x rep
Vet Appointment Planner
schedule pet appointments
Schedule pet exams & procedures
Vet Medications Board
medication schedule for boarded pets
Organize meds for boarded pets
Vet Surgery Board
pet surgeries whiteboard
Schedule pet operations
Wall Whiteboard System
large whiteboards for walls
Larger, wall mounted boards
Warehouse Locator Kits
storage space organizer board
Organize stock, pallets, open storage
Weekly Assignment Kits
work assigning board
Track staff work over 7 days
White-Lined Whiteboard Kits
board with faint white lining
With writing & drawing guidelines
Whiteboard Accessory Kit
packet of every day whiteboard supplies
Complete kit of useful supplies
Whiteboard Cleaner
cleaning spray for white marker boards
Clean & restore board surfaces
Whiteboard Refurbishing Kit
restoring an existing whiteboard
Clean, restore, re-line whiteboards
Whiteboard Tape
color tape for whiteboard lining
Create lines to customize
World Class Manufacturing
shop floor manual for lean manufacturing
Use manual to implement WCM
job assignments board
Assign staff to job positions by shift
Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets
damp erase writing on color magnets
Damp-erase on colored magnets
Can't find it?
customer service help
We're happy to help, contact us

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