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Multi-Purpose Whiteboards

Grid systems on magnetic, durable surface

Selecting a Multi-Purpose Dry Erase Grid
      1. Determine the optimal grid cell size for your information to be displayed:
                  1"x2",1"x3", 1"x4", 2"x3", 2"x4", 3"x5" (see selections below)
      2. Determine the number of columns needed across the board - see choices in price chart
      3. Determine the number of rows needed down the board - see choices in price chart
      4. Choose either the write-on/wipe-off magnets (with a damp erase pen or adhesive label)
                  or the magnetic holders (with color cards) to display all your data - see price chart
      5. Allow for expansion - additional magnets, card holders and supplies available

Click on a picture for product description, sizes, prices
1x2 inch grid whiteboard   1x3 inch grid board   1x4 inch whiteboard
Use small magnets or card holders
Use small magnets or card holders
Use magnets or card holders
2x3 inch grid multi-purpose whiteboard   2x4 inch multi-purpose board   3x5 inch grid multi-purpose board
Use magnets or card holders
Use large magnets or card holders
Use large magnets or card holders

If one of our multi-purpose whiteboard grids can't be tailored to your needs,
then simply create your own board design or we can make one for you.

lined or gridded whiteboards   custom made board designs   lift out whiteboards
Design with lining tape and lettering
Custom-made to your design specs
Choice of whiteboard surfaces

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