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Plain Whiteboard Kits

Write on it, apply magnets to it, project pictures onto it, and more.
You can do so much with this dry erase board set!

plain whiteboard with sample applications
Pictured: P/N 70770 - 4'H x 4'W whiteboard and kit supplies, $555.

2-in-1 System!  Dry Erase Markerboard and Magnetic Display Panel
      · Our incredibly versatile, dry-erase surfaced blank whiteboard finds uses in almost every
        facet of business, educational, institutional and governmental activity
      · To create a customized control system or communications center, please refer to
        our broad selection of magnetic symbols, markers, charting tapes, and other board        
        accessories to supplement the starter supplies included with your order
        (see Whiteboard Supplies)

Our high quality whiteboard kit will become a focal point of your daily functions
      · PRESENTATIONS - sales, financial, legal, production, etc.
      · TRAINING - sales, service, technical, new product, instructional
      · ANALYSIS - production, sales, financial, market, legal
      · CONTROL - complete project planning and control
      · INFORMATIONAL - display sales or production goals, safety news, job openings,
        current rates, available properties, departmental announcements, etc.
      · CREATIVE SESSIONS - great for brainstorming, "what if" ideas, designing, planning

Dry Erase Board Set price includes a complete Supply Kit of whiteboard accessories
      · Dry-Erase Markers - fine point red, blue, green, black
      · Adhesive Letter & Number Sets - 2 sizes
      · Lining Tape - 1/8" black and red for custom lines and grids
      · Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets - 1"x12" in 4 colors
      · Damp-Erase Pens - black
      · Whiteboard Cleaner
      · Full length chalktray included on boards 4' x 8' and larger
      · Hanging Hardware

Sizes and Prices

To order: click on a Part # to place in shopping cart

H '
W '
Dry Erase
Letter Sets
1"x12" Strips
2 3 8 2 8 UPS 70350 255.
2 4 10 2 10 UPS 70370 375.
3 4 12 2 12 Truck 70570 469.
4 4 16 3 16 Truck 70770 555.
4 6 20 4 20 Truck 70790 719.
4 8 20 4 20 Truck 70701T* 845.
4 12 20 4 20 Truck 70705T* 1079.
  * Larger boards include a full-length chalktray
** Price includes a Supply Kit of useful accessories

Blank Whiteboard Description
      · 3-in-1 System: dry-erase markerboard, magnetic display panel, projection screen
      · High quality, dry-erase surfaced, magnetic whiteboard with aluminum frame
      · Boards include hidden hanger slots on back for hanging horizontally - vertical hanging
        available upon request (must be specified with order to ensure proper slot positioning)
      · Sizes 4' x 8' and larger include a full-length chalktray and thus are hung with the tray
        at the bottom

Whiteboard Options
      · Panels also made to your desired specific size - see Custom Size Whiteboards
      · Wood frame - natural oak, walnut, cherry and black stain finishes available
      · Chalktray - for smaller sizes up to 4' x 6', add $6.50 per foot of tray desired and insert
        a "T" at the end of the Part Number (ex: 2'x4' with tray is 70370T for $401.)
      · Eraser and additional whiteboard supplies - see Whiteboard Supplies
      · Magnetic letters, numbers, symbols, card holders, clips - see Magnetic Accessories

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