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Full Year Planner Whiteboard

Plan and schedule with markers, magnets and card holders

full year planner with magnetic card holders
Pictured: P/N 32795 - 4'H x 6'W with magnetic card holders, $859.

Organize with 12 months of rows and 31 days of columns
      · Our popular Full Year Planner with dry-erase whiteboard surface provides the ultimate
        scheduling and planning tool
      · Communicate in just a glance!  Flexible - quickly re-arrange schedules by simply
        moving magnets!
      · Ideal for longer range scheduling such as production objectives, facility planning,
        personnel assignments, maintenance dates, project progress, other planned actions
      · Pre-plan or "what if" with dry-erase markers, then detail final plan with magnets or cards

Very easy to keep up-to-date
      · Sketch in future dates and activities with Dry-Erase Markers while you evaluate various
        alternatives and plans
      · When the need for detailed scheduling arrives, simply put the data on Magnets and
        place them on the calendar board
      · Then any re-scheduling is as easy as moving a Magnet
      · Displayed on a high quality, long lasting, magnetic whiteboard

We will customize your Full Year Planner board to your needs
      · FREE DESIGN CUSTOMIZATION to your specs
      · Choose different colored lines and borders
      · Select a header background color, add a logo or name of your organization
      · We create the board to best address your scheduling demands --
        simply tell us (call, email or fax) what you would like when you order

      · No surface blemishes that are commonly seen on inferior whiteboards
      · Our Polymer Fusion™ Process creates a long lasting, custom magnetic surface
      · Keeps its "like new" appearance throughout years and years of continual use
      · This specialized process produces the most durable of any color printed
        whiteboard surface
available in the market today!

Price below includes a Supply Kit of whiteboard accessories
      · Dry-Erase Markers - fine point red, blue, green, black
      · Magnetic Erase
      · Magnetic Chalktray
      · Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets and Magnet Marking Pens
      · Magnetic Card Holders and Datacards - 10 cards per card holder in 5 colors
      · Hanging Hardware

Choice of two magnet or card holders sizes

Magnet sizes

Card holder sizes

two magnet sizes   two card holder sizes
Choose 1/2"x2" or 1"x2"
Choose 1/2"x2" or 1"x2"

Sizes and Prices

To order: click on a Part # to place in shopping cart

# of Magnets or
Card Holders Included *
System with
System with
Card Holders
H '
W '
per Day
Qty Size
H "xW"
Part *
Price** Part *
4 3 3 150 1/2 x 2 32750 525. 32755 539.
1 150 1 x 2
4 6 7 250 1/2 x 2 32790 829. 32795 859.
4 250 1 x 2
Note: All Full Year Planner Whiteboards shipped via truck
  * Both 1/2"x2" and 1"x2" sizes included
** Price includes a Supply Kit of useful accessories


Full Year Planner Description
      · Magnetic whiteboard with color graphics in an aluminum frame
      · Intense heat permanently fuses your color graphics design with a sheet of solid steel
        to produce a highly durable, brilliant, dry-erase magnetic surface
      · Our process produces a sturdy three-layer construction - the steel is laminated onto a
        rigid engineered wood foundation and backed with a sheet of aluminum foil as a    
        protective moisture barrier
      · Months, dates and row/column lines are printed and laminated into the board surface
      · Utilize either Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets or Magnetic Card Holders with Datacards
      · Boards include hidden hanger slots on back
      · Includes two magnet or card holders sizes:
               1/2"x2" to mark 3 events per day on the 4'x3' board and 7 events on the 4'x6' board
               1"x2" to mark 1 events per day on the 4'x3' board and 4 events on the 4'x6' board

Full Year Planner Options
      · Wood frames in cherry, walnut, natural oak and black finishes - add 20% to board price
      · Custom sizes, graphics and designs - contact Customer Service for quote
Lining tape, letter/number sets, additional markers - see Whiteboard Supplies
      · Additional magnets, card holders, clips - see Other Magnetic Accessories

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