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Standing Display Centers

Floor mounted whiteboards and cabinets

bulletin board and whiteboard display center with floor mount
Pictured: P/N 93501BF - 3'H x 8'W bulletin board cabinet and whiteboard, floor mounted, $1415.

Wouldn't be ideal to display it all right in the activity area . . .
      · What group, department or team doesn't need a central focal point for communicating?
                Notices, schedules, production quotas, safety statistics, vacation/time off
        coordination, training sessions, project dates, job assignments, etc.
      · Free-standing whiteboard and custom display board located in the needed work area
      · Available in a variety of configuration shapes and sizes to best fit your needs

A high quality standing display board in an "industrial strength" frame
      ·Design a custom display board using virtually any combination of our visual display
               Magnetic Whiteboards - plain, lined, gridded, calendars, schedules, etc.
               Custom Whiteboards - custom made to your specs
               Bulletin Boards - high quality cork
               Cabinet Boards - enclosed with clear doors
      · Simply pick the type of boards you want, sketch a layout (with sizes), select a suitable
        size, then fax it to us for a quick quote
      ·The price chart below lists some of the more popular configurations of our standing
        display board

Stock units available to ship the next business day!

Leg Mounting Close-up

Rugged floor mount

team center leg floor mount close-up  
Legs bolt to floor

Sizes and Prices

To order: click on a Part # to place in shopping cart

Floor Mount Configurations* Height
H '
W "
roll around whiteboard
 Plain dry-erase whiteboard, 
   double-sided, non-pivoting
4 8 Truck 93701AF 1125.
4 10 Truck 93703AF 1329.
4 12 Truck 93705AF 1549.
whiteboard bulletin board combination
 Split side - 1/2 plain dry-erase
   whiteboard, 1/2 cork bulletin
   board, non-pivoting, single-sided
4 6 Truck 93790ACF 939.
4 8 Truck 93701ACF 1125.
4 12 Truck 93705ACF 1499.
roll around bulletin board cabinet and whiteboard
 Split side - 1/2 bulletin board in
   cabinet, 1/2 dry-erase whiteboard,
   non-pivoting, single-sided
3 8 Truck 93501BF 1415.
floor mounted bulletin board cabinet and whiteboard
 L-shaped - whiteboards inside,
   bulletin boards outside, side 1/2
   width of main board (sizes at right)
4 6 Truck 93790LF 1415.
4 8 Truck 93701LF 1695.
4 12 Truck 93705LF 2275.
floor mounted U shape bulletin and whiteboards
 U-shaped - whiteboards inside,
   bulletin boards outside, sides 1/2
   width of main board (sizes at right)
4 6 Truck 93790CF 2015.
4 8 Truck 93701CF 2259.
4 12 Truck 93705CF 3029.

*Other configurations are available - design your options including the position of each component.
  Select a configuration, add options, call for a quote; or sketch a design, fax it to us for a quote.

1. Specify position of split side components (left, right, etc.).
2. Overall standard frame height is approximately 6', other heights are available.
3. Floor mounts supplied with basic expansion bolts.  You are responsible for determining the
    suitability of the provided anchors for your floor and obtaining alternate anchors if required.
4. Frame only kits (without boards) to display your own panels are available - call for pricing.
5. Boards only (without framing) are compatible with 10mm Bosch aluminum frames - call for


Standing Display Center Description
      · Structural frame is standard 45mm, T-slot, high strength aluminum alloy framing
      · Free standing system can include virtually any combination of our board products:
       Free-Standing Whiteboards, Bulletin boards, and Enclosed cabinets
      · Standard height with frame is approximately 6'
      · Floor mounts are supplied with common expansion bolts. It is the customer's
        responsibility to determine the suitability of these bolts for your floor and to provide
        alternate anchors as necessary.

Display Center Options
      · Available as a roll-around board on casters (no charge to replace floor mount feet)
      · Double-sided use - ex: bulletin board on front, whiteboard on back
      · Different frame heights are available
      · Also, the framing system is available separately for your own mounting
      · Lining tape, eraser, chalktray, letter/number sets, markers - see Whiteboard Supplies
      · Magnetic letters, symbols, card holders, clips - see Other Magnetic Accessories

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