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Whiteboard Plus Shelf Combination

Two-sided roll-around magnetic whiteboard with built-in writing shelf

daily produiction efficiency roll-around whiteboard
Pictured: P/N 54571 - Plain Whiteboard Plus Shelf Kit, 3'H x 4'W board, $999.

Rugged, "industrial strength" whiteboard with shelf
      · The frame is a high strength aluminum alloy designed for industrial business settings
      · The unit includes a useful, sturdy writing shelf
      · As a versatile roll-around, there are two display sides and it can be constructed in any
        combination of custom whiteboard, plain whiteboard, or bulletin board
      · The whiteboard has a long lasting, magnetic, dry-erase, highly durable surface

Two-sided, roll-around unit is available in four styles:
      · Side 1: Custom whiteboard  +  Side 2: Plain whiteboard
      · Side 1: Custom whiteboard  +  Side 2: Bulletin board
      · Side 1: Plain whiteboard  +  Side 2: Bulletin whiteboard
      · Side 1: Plain whiteboard  +  Side 2: Plain whiteboard

Price below includes a Supply Kit of whiteboard accessories
      · Whiteboard Cleaner
      · 4 Dry-Erase Markers - fine point red, blue, green, black
      · 1 Damp-Erase Pen - black
      · Assembly Hardware

Popular uses for this dry erase board with shelf system include: progress tracking measurements, calendars, training sessions,
planning meetings, and more.

Sample Whiteboard Plus Shelf Designs


quality and performance whiteboard   production scheduling board   cell productivity roll-around
Custom design example
Custom design example
Custom design example


Bulletin Board
custom production calendar   plain white board   bulletin board
Custom design example
Plain whiteboard example
Cork board example
Sizes and Prices

To order: click on a Part # to place in shopping cart

Select sides:  
Custom +
Plain White
Custom +
Bulletin Board
Plain White +
Bulletin Board
Plain White
Both Sides
H 'xW'
Price * Part
Price * Part
Price * Part
Price *
3 x 3 Truck 54552 989. 54553 989. 54554 899. 54551 899.
3 x 4 Truck 54572 1,119. 54573 1,119. 54574 999. 54571 999.
4 x 5 Truck 54782 1,455. 54783 1,455. 54784 1,255. 54781 1,255.
4 x 6 Truck 54792 1,555. 54793 1,555. 54794 1,315. 54791 1,315.
* Price includes a Supply Kit of useful accessories

NOTE: If you would like us to prepare a file from your sketch or if your file requires
conversion or some modification, there will be a one-time preparation fee of $50-100 based on the complexity.

     1. Compatibility - email your board design file to us to check it for compatibility.     
     2. File Preparation - supply your PC file in a TIF or EPS format sized to 1" less than
     actual height and width. We are able to convert Corel Draw, Adobe  Illustrator and
     Photoshop, Autocad, Excel, Powerpoint, Macintosh, and other similar file programs.
     Supply printed proof of file with fonts or store text as curves. Bitmap files (.tif, .bmp,
     .pcx) should have resolutions of 100 dpi at full panel size dimensions.


Whiteboard Plus Shelf Description
      · Your choice of a custom designed whiteboard, plain whiteboard, or bulletin board
      · The color custom board design with our Polymer Fusion™ Surface onto a sheet of
        steel to form a highly durable, dry-erase compatible whiteboard in an aluminum frame
      · We can scan images or use your graphics file - charts, graphs, work areas, product
        pictures, floor plans, and many other functional designs
      · Dry-erase surface is magnetic for convenient use of magnetic letters and numbers,
        symbols, and card holders
      · Standard overall size is 79"H x 30"D with frame and casters

Roll-Around Frame Construction
      · Frame is industrial standard 45mm square with 10mm T-slots, high strength aluminum
        alloy for better durability in industrial and business settings - two legs and four casters
      · Includes a full length, sturdy, built-in whiteboard tray for convenient updating of
       paperwork - whiteboard tray has two cup style holders for markers, board cleaner and
       other supplies

Dry Erase Board with Shelf Options
      · Rugged, floor mounted style replaces casters on frame feet for a more permanent
        use, no extra charge - see picture, contact Customer Service
      · Wall mount style (without roll-around and writing shelf) - see Custom Whiteboards
      · Other sizes and configurations - contact Customer Service for more information
      · Lining tape, adhesive letter/number sets, markers - see Whiteboard Supplies
      · Magnetic eraser, letters, numbers, symbols, clips - see Other Magnetic Accessories
      · For an office or light use roll-around with aluminum frame - see Rolling Whiteboards

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