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Custom Imprinted Magnets

Printed names or messages on colorful personalized magnets

imprinted magnets customized with your messages
Pictured: sample messages on imprinted magnets

Names, warnings and other text messages onto custom-printed magnets in full color
      · We'll custom imprint your customized design
In addition to text we can print computer graphic images or scanned images

Custom Imprinted Magnet Applications
      · Use in accessorizing a magnetic whiteboard, identifying steel cabinet drawers,
        steel doors and frames, rack and steel shelf locations, or on any steel surface
      · Create your own content: employee names, actions, products, items, status, etc.

These commercial magnets are sold in a choice of many heights, variable lengths and colors.

   Sample Custom Imprinted Magnet
         · Simply note a Part # from the chart below, then complete the Sample request form

Sizes and Prices (indicate colors, fonts and styles on quote form)

Click on Part # and go to quote form below

3/8" Height 1/2" Height 7/8" Height 1-7/8" Height 3" Height
Part #
Price Magnet
Part #
Price Magnet
Part #
Price Magnet
Part #
Price Magnet
Part #
1" 94037I1 0.55 94050I1 0.65 94087I1 0.85 94187I1 1.40 94300I1 2.50
2" 94037I2 0.75 94050I2 0.90 94087I2 1.15 94187I2 1.90 94300I2 3.25
3" 94037I3 0.95 94050I3 1.10 94087I3 1.45 94187I3 2.40 94300I3 4.00
4" 94037I4 1.15 94050I4 1.35 94087I4 1.75 94187I4 2.90 94300I4 4.75
5" 94037I5 1.35 94050I5 1.55 94087I5 2.05 94187I5 3.40 94300I5 5.50
6" 94037I6 1.55 94050I6 1.80 94087I6 2.35 94187I6 3.90 94300I6 6.25
8" 94037I8 1.95 94050I8 2.25 94087I8 2.95 94187I8 4.90 94300I8 7.75
10" 94037I10 2.35 94050I10 2.70 94087I10 3.55 94187I10 5.90 94300I10 9.25
12" 94037I12 2.75 94050I12 3.20 94087I12 4.15 94187I12 6.90 94300I12 10.75
15" 94037I15 3.35 94050I15 3.85 94087I15 5.05 94187I15 8.40 94300I15 13.00

$25. minimum order per style
Note: The letter in Part Number is a capital i, not a one (1) or small case L

Custom Imprinted Magnet Description
      · These personalized magnets are custom made to your specifications - mix and match             sizes, shapes, colors, designs set-up fee may apply to content (graphics) other than text         or special shapes
      · Custom-printed magnets have a laminated, dry-erase write-on surface
      · Computer graphic images to be supplied in .eps, .tif, .bmp or a compatible file format
      · These commercial magnets are sold by the piece, no minimum quantity - only a $25             minimum order per style

Custom Imprinted Magnet Options
      · Other heights, lengths and shapes - contact Customer Service with design specs
      · Lengths over 12" are available with a non-laminated surfaces

Our Review of Your Design or Data File
      · FOR ORDERS & QUOTES: to confirm your design or data file is usable or
        for assistance in selecting the best size or style - Upload Your File Now
        for our review and acceptance. We will respond by the next business day.

All Custom Imprinted Magnets are made specifically for you.
Simply complete the information below for a PRICE QUOTE.
Then to place your order, reply to the quote with your approval.
Custom Imprinted Magnets Quote
* Indicates required entries  
* Part Number:
Ex: 940501  
* Quantity:
1 to 999999
* Magnet Design:
Describe magnet color, text color,
text style, graphics, plus any other
design characteristics
(200 chracters max)
* Content Style:
Describe text style (bold, italic, font,
etc.) and a provide a sample text
(200 chracters max)
* Variable Content:
Describe all differences from magnet
to magnet. Ex: change only text or
change color to red, or sequence from
1 to 100
(200 chracters max)
NOTE: We recommend faxing a sample design to 317-580-4024.
Explain custom graphics, unique sizes
or shapes, or other specific design
(200 characters max)
* Name:
* Company:
  Shipping Address1:
  Shipping Address2:
  Other State/Province:
  Zip/Postal Code:
* Your Email Address:
* Verify Email Address:
* Enter the text from the image: security code
We will promptly respond via email or fax with your price quote.
Please note that this price quote is NOT yet an order.
To order: simply reply to the price quote or contact Customer Service.

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