Image Scanning Service

Print Artwork to Digital File
For Use in Graphic Design Creation for Our Custom Whiteboards

Some of the more detailed custom designs that you want to have made into whiteboards require a high resolution digital file. Unfortunately, a digital file is not always available. However, if you have a print version of your design, you can convert that print copy into a digital file with our large scale scanning service! This is ideal for a variety of maps, drawings, floor plans, product pictures, photos, and more - such as:

• Fire department dispatch zones
• Police precincts or jurisdictions
• State, county, city or agency geographic areas
• Parks and municipal department locations
• Classroom - geography pictures

• Service call areas
• Delivery service areas
• Transportation department street routes
• Sales territories
• Public utilities regions

• Military facilities and locations
• School districts and neighborhoods
• New product photos
• Aerial photograph areas
• Corporate headquarters picture

• New project developments
• Plant floor layouts
• Construction site plans
• Work flow patterns
• High quality GIS software generated images

Now you can have that design on a high quality, highly durable, magnetic whiteboard surface. Using our Polymer Fusion™ Process, the design will be permanently fused with a sheet of solid steel to produce a long lasting, brilliant color, dry erase surface that will maintain its "like new" appearance over years of frequent use.

Print Copy Requirements:

1. Design details and colors should be of very good quality (the better it looks going in, the better it can look coming out!)
2. The closer the artwork size is to the actual dimensions desired on board, the better the quality. 100% size with 200 dpi resolution is ideal.
3. Print copy should be rolled, if possible, to reduce "crease marks" and breaks in design.
4. Note: Color matching from the original artwork to scanner to custom whiteboard will be quite close, but an exact match is not likely due to changes in materials, resolutions, and surfaces.

Scanning Service Fees:
Artwork Size
Small Image up to 8-1/2" x 14" $50. flat fee
Large Image up to 4' x 8' $10. per sqft ($100. minimum)

Customer Copy CD $20.

To submit your artwork for scanning, please contact our Customer Service Department.