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Map Whiteboards

Long lasting, dry erase, magnetic whiteboard of your full color map

fire department whiteboard map
Pictured: Example P/N 38JD790 - 4'H x 6'W with fire dispatch zone map, $859.


We will construct a durable whiteboard from your map area specifications
      · We custom manufacture a magnetic board directly from your map file created in one
        of the popular desktop publishing, illustration or CAD (.pdf output) programs
      · Our whiteboard maps can be as small as 1-1/2'x2' up to as large as 4'x8'
      · For additional design ideas, see Customization Ideas

      · No surface blemishes that are commonly seen on inferior whiteboards
      · Our Polymer Fusion™ Process creates a long lasting, custom magnetic surface
      · Dry erase maps maintain their "like new" appearance throughout years and years of
         frequent use

Brilliant, color graphics
      · We use your file to produce detailed dry erase maps with vibrant colors
      · Add a headline color, organization name or logo

Price below includes a Supply Kit of useful whiteboard accessories
      · Whiteboard Cleaner
      · 4 Dry-Erase Markers - fine point red, blue, green, black
      · 1 Damp-Erase Pen - black
      · Hanging Hardware

Additional supplies available - see Map Options below.

We can ship your custom map whiteboard in one week upon receiving your proof approval.

Whiteboard Maps Can Be Used For:
          · Fire department dispatch zones
          · Police precincts or jurisdictions
          · State, county, city or agency areas
          · Parks and municipal department locations
          · Combo - half In/Out personnel location & half refuge facility map
          · Delivery service areas
          · Service call areas
          · Military facilities and locations
          · School districts and neighborhoods
          · Classroom - geography pictures
          · Public utilities regions
          · Transportation department street routes
          · Sales territories
          · High quality GIS software generated images
          · Aerial photograph areas

Ex: state & local maps

Ex: street maps
Ex: park maps
state map whiteboard   dry erase street map board   park map on a magnetic board
#38JD780 - 4'H x 5'W, $790.
#38JD350 - 2'H x 3'W, $295.
#38JD550 - 3'H x 3'W, $410.

Sizes and Prices

To order: click on Part # to place in shopping cart

1-1/2 2 UPS 38JD230 199.
2 2 UPS 38JD330 239.
2 3 UPS 38JD350 295.
2 4 UPS 38JD370 365.
2 6 Truck 38JD390 489.
3 3 UPS 38JD550 410.
3 4 Truck 38JD570 489.
3 5 Truck 38JD580 615.
3 6 Truck 38JD590 710.
4 4 Truck 38JD770 615.
4 5 Truck 38JD780 790.
4 6 Truck 38JD790 859.
4 8 ** Truck 38JD701 1065.
4 12 ** Truck 38JD705 1459.


     1. Email - send your file to us to
     check it for compatibility.
     2. File Preparation - supply your PC
     file in a .tif or .eps format sized to 1"
     less than actual height and width. We
     are able to convert Corel Draw, Adobe
     Illustrator and Photoshop, Autocad,
     Excel, Powerpoint, Macintosh, and
     other similar programs. Supply printed
     proof of file with fonts or store text as
     curves. Bitmap (.tif, .bmp, .pcx) and pdf
     files should have resolutions of 100
     dpi at full panel size dimensions.

     3. Custom Whiteboards - surface is
     very suitable for frequent daily erase
     and re-use applications with markers,
     magnets and whiteboard accessories.

     4. Allow 1" height and width for the
     standard aluminum frame. Example:
     nominal dimensions of a 3'x4' board
     has 35"x47" available whiteboard
     space for your map design.

  * Price includes a Supply Kit of useful accessories
** These sizes have full length chalktray only


Map Whiteboard Description
      · Our Polymer Fusion™ Process is a sturdy three-layer construction:
        Intense heat permanently fuses color designs with a sheet of solid steel to
        produce a highly durable, brilliant, dry-erase whiteboard surface
      · With a highly durable, dry-erase compatible surface in an aluminum frame, your
        dry erase maps keep their "like new" appearance throughout years and years of
        continual use

Print Artwork to Digital File Scanning Service
      · If you do have not a digital file of your design (maps, routes, territories, etc.), we can
        convert your print copy with our large scale scanning service - see Scanning Service

Options for Our Whiteboard Maps
      · Map sourcing - if need us to find a compatible map image file for you, we will attempt
        to do so for a nominal charge - contact Customer Service with specifications
      · Roll-around - most sizes available - see custom Rolling Whiteboards
      · Wood frame - add 15% to price for natural oak, walnut, cherry or black stain finishes
      · Lining tape, eraser, chalktray, letter/number sets, markers - see Whiteboard Supplies           · Magnetic letters, numbers, card holders, clips - see Other Magnetic Accessories
      · Boards larger than 4'x8' are a special order - contact Customer Service for availability

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