Architectural Specifications





A. Polymer Fused™ surface markerboards

B. Conference room markerboards

C. Laminated surface markerboards and graphic panels

D. Bulletin boards - plain and enclosed

E. Visual control systems

F. Visual control system accessories


A. Product Data: Provide manufacturer's descriptive literature including item number, size, description and representative picture.

B. Shop Drawings: Provide shop drawings where manufacturer data from 1.2.A above is insufficient for verification of suitability to application and installation.

C. Samples: Provide samples of board surface and framing where manufacturer data from 1.2.A above is insufficient for verification of suitability to application and installation.


A. Packing, Shipping, Handling and Unloading: Panels are to be packed in wooden crates for shipment to site. Cardboard only packing is not acceptable.

B. Acceptance at Site: Crated panels are to be opened and inspected for shipment damage and losses including scratches and dents on the panel and framing surfaces, frame misalignment due to rough handling and missing components and accessories. Any such shipping damage shall be noted on the bill of lading with the concurrence of a representative of the delivering carrier. Signing the bill of lading without interior crate inspection is not acceptable.

C. Storage and Protection: Panels and included accessories shall be returned to the shipping crate or other suitable container for storage in a protected, office environment type area prior to installation. Excessive heat, cold or humidity are not acceptable.


A. Project/Site Environmental Requirements: Panels shall not be installed until site conditions are such that panels will not be damaged or contaminated by remaining construction activities. If necessary, provide physical protection to protect an installed panel's surfaces from physical damage. Accessories are to be separately retained for delivery to the owner.


A. Warranty shall be the manufacturer's stated warranty plus any extended warranty provided by the manufacturer of any raw construction materials. Warranty shall apply to replacement/repair of returned materials only and shall not include costs of removal/reinstallation and shipping unless specifically allowed.



A. Provide Polymer Fused™ surface markerboards, conference room markerboards, laminated surface markerboards and graphic panels, bulletin boards - plain and enclosed, visual control systems and visual control system accessories as manufactured by:

Magnetic Concepts Corp. dba

611 3rd Ave. SW

Carmel, In 46032

Phone: 800-334-4245 (317-580-4020)

Fax: 317-580-4024

Email: See Our Contact Us Page

Web: Visit our Website

B. Substitutes: Substitutes are not acceptable.


A. Polymer Fused™ surface markerboards: Intense heat permanently fused your graphic design with a sheet of 28 ga steel to produce a durable, dry-erase whiteboard surface. Accent lines and grid pattern designs are also permanently included in this process unless whiteboard adhesive lining tape is requested. The above steel sheet is to be laminated to a 3/8" particleboard or MDF back whose back surface will be covered by a .005 aluminum foil sheet. Panels are to framed in satin finish aluminum trim or solid wood framing.

B. Conference room markerboards (communication centers): Cabinet to be of solid wood or wood veneer construction. Center area to house a porcelain-like markerboard with a dry-erase surface. Fabric covered tackboards are to be installed on the inside surfaces of the doors along with map rails suitable for hanging charts or sketches.

C. Laminated surface markerboards and graphic panels: Surface to be comprised of a clear, dry-erase marker compatible plastic film laminated to a full color graphic printed on either photo grade paper or vinyl. The above laminated graphic is in turn to be laminated to a Polymer Fused™ surface markerboard as described in 2.2.A. The resulting surface will be magnetic receptive as well as dry and damp erase marker compatible. Framing as in 2.2.A.

D. Bulletin boards - plain and enclosed: Panel to be constructed of 7/32" minimum thickness natural cork laminated to " nominal hardboard backing. Framing as in 2.2.A. Enclosure, if required, to be constructed of aluminum framing, 2-3" depth, with either hinged door or sliding door construction. Hinged door enclosures are include locking doors and acrylic plastic windows. Sliding door enclosures include " tempered glass sliding windows with locks(s).

E. Visual control systems: Systems include a magnetically receptive markerboard per 2.2.A or 2.2.C, lining, lettering and graphics per the manufacturer's design per a custom design supplied by the owner, and visual control accessories per 2.2.F.

F. Visual control system accessories: Accessory items generally used in visual control systems including write-on magnets, magnetic cardholders and datacards, dry and damp erase markers, magnetic indicators and symbols, magnetic date sets, magnetic letter and number sets, whiteboard lining tape, charting tape, and adhesive letter sets.



A. Install per manufacturer's supplied installation instructions.


A. Clean panel surface per manufacturer's supplied instructions. Use of cleaning solutions other than specified whiteboard cleaner or abrasive cleaners of any kind is prohibited.