Selection Guides

Magnetic Concepts Corp. creates highly durable, dry erase whiteboards for scheduling, calendars, production, job status, in/out, metrics, staff assignments, and a wide variety of designs for specific industries. Manufacturing a high quality, magnetic whiteboard with brilliant graphics made to your specifications is our expertise. We also provide rolling boards, cabinet styles, bulletin boards, and a myriad of whiteboard supplies and magnetic accessories. We are a U.S. manufacturer that ships orders worldwide directly to you.

To help you determine which products are most applicable for your planning, scheduling, communication and management control needs, we have provided some application guidelines to aid in the selection of products.

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What is a Magnetic Whiteboard Kit?

A Magnetic Whiteboard Kit  is a complete visual control system consisting of a large magnetic display panel, an applicable design layout, and a supply kit of useful accessories.
The board surface will attract:
• Magnetic Letters, Numbers, Symbols
• Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets
• Magnetic Card Holders
• Other Magnetic Accessories

Systems are commonly laid out on the panel surface in a "rows and columns" or spreadsheet format with appropriate titles and headings. Magnets and card holders are placed on the panel in applicable positions to indicate a time, location, person, status or progress.

Data, operational information, and status can be written onto the magnets and/or indicated by the magnet color. Alternatively, the information can be typed or printed onto data cards and placed into the magnetic card holders for easy updating.

As changes in the information occur, updates can be written, magnets can be moved, cards may be replaced, or different colors utilized to communicate the new data.

What are the advantages of a Magnetic Whiteboard Kit?

If you have not previously utilized a magnetic whiteboard, please take time to browse through the various pages of whiteboards and compare the different styles and options. It will become apparent that for many applications in business, industry, government, education, and medical services, a visual control system offers a uniquely efficient and effective solution to planning, scheduling, communication, and control problems. While other means of attacking these common problems exist, visual control systems are often proven to be the best choice when all the benefits are realized.

SIMPLICITY - The time honored K.I.S.S. principle is often overlooked in business schools and management training; but seasoned veterans in business, industry and government know and value the importance of simplicity in the design of procedures and systems involving their people. What could be simpler than writing on color magnets and quickly moving them around a magnetic board as needed?

EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION - Our large, handsome magnetic panel can become the "command center" for your daily operations. Now all your personnel will be fully informed - at a quick glance - without interruption or confusion. Just move a magnet to update an activity and the new information status is clearly communicated . . . without paper, without meetings!

VERY MINIMAL TRAINING - Our visual control systems have no complicated machines to operate, no specialized software programs to learn, and no special qualifications to train. Your staff simply writes the data on whiteboard surfaces or magnets, positions the magnets appropriately, and moves them as necessary. In summary, it isn't a big job to implement a magnetic whiteboard kit - your people can simply fit it into their normal daily work schedules.

NO DOWN TIME - Our Magnetic Whiteboard Kits are not electrical and have no moving parts. This means the system never breaks down. No maintenance contracts, no repair technicians, no software glitches, no computer viruses - nothing to interrupt the work flow of your daily operations - the visual control system never quits working!

ECONOMICAL - Our Magnetic Whiteboard Kits require a minimal investment - typically only $200 to $800 - for the complete system with visual display board and a supply kit of board accessories. Compare this small cost to the total outlay for a common piece of office electrical equipment, the set-up, the learning curve, plus the ongoing maintenance expenses.

But, the most important benefits of all are the results - better organization, increased productivity, improved communication - a more effective operation.

Is your application the right fit for a Magnetic Whiteboard Kit?

Determine the information or data that you wish to communicate, then ask yourself the following questions:

• Can the data be displayed in a column, row or spreadsheet style format?
• Are there less than 1,000 data items to be displayed at one time?
• Would the display of this data on a large board in a highly visible location help communicate the information to others?
• Does the data need to be updated or changed from time to time?
• Do the data updates or changes occur hourly, daily, weekly or monthly (versus every few seconds or just once every couple of  years)?

If you answered YES to two or more of these questions, then utilizing a Magnetic Whiteboard Kit as your visual control system is likely appropriate for your application. Please take a few moments to browse through our selection of whiteboards to see if there is one similar to one you have in mind. Then call our Customer Service Department and we'll be happy to help you formulate an effective solution tailored to your needs.


A Dry-Erase Marker writes on a dry-erase compatible surface and can be removed by just rubbing off with a tissue or dry, soft cloth. This marker type is generally used where you are constantly writing information down, erasing and writing new information. If left for long periods of time, weeks to months, it probably will not erase cleanly without the aid of dry-erase cleaning fluid and may leave "ghost marks" on the dry-erase surface.

A Damp-Erase Pen writes on a damp-erase compatible surface and can be removed using a damp tissue or cloth rag. For most warehouse applications, damp-erase is preferred - so if someone just brushes against the writing, it doesn't come off as it would with dry erase – it must be removed with a damp tissue. Usually if a surface is dry-erase compatible, it can also be used with damp-erase inks.