Government Buyers Choose Magnetic Concepts

Top ten reasons the government buys from Magnetic Concepts!

#10 - Speak to a REAL Person
No pre-recorded, button pushing systems and then waiting on hold until who knows when... We have a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff ready to serve you immediately during our business hours of 8am-5pm Monday-Friday EDT.

# 9 - Reliability
We have been serving federal buyers since 1989. We have and will continue to make our products readily available to the federal sector.

# 8 - 24 Hour Access
We realize that many buyers need to conduct business during non-traditional business hours. Our website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for product information, pricing, order placement, order tracking, and email messaging.

# 7 - Reasonable Shipping Charges
We are strategically located in the central part of the U.S. (Indiana) such that shipping or truck freight charges are optimized - no expensive coast to coast shipments. Additionally, due to our shipping volume, we have negotiated reduced rates for truck shipments.

# 6 - Large Selection of Styles and Sizes
We offer a wide variety of board choices: plain, lined, gridded, sliding track, wood cabinet, enclosed, roll-around, electronic print, rolling chart - plus a very comprehensive choice of board accessories.

# 5 - Custom Made
We make each custom board exactly to your design and specifications. Everyone has a requirement for something a little different to fit their needs - more rows, wider columns, department logo - you design it, we make it.

# 4 - Fast Delivery
We custom make and ship most boards within 5 business days after your design approval. Also, APO and FPO locations are no  problem as long as truck carriers are accepted.

# 3 - Track Record with Government Buyers
We have been catering to government buyers for decades and are familiar with their unique needs and preferences.  We can pre-bill by the end of your fiscal year, hold shipments to accommodate travel to the shipping location and showcase unique custom designs and maps to support your mission.

# 2 - Government Credit Cards and SmartPay Accepted 
We accept your government card.  We also accept government purchase orders.  Charges will be posted when your order ships unless you request otherwise.

# 1 - High Quality at a Fair Price
We provide only top quality products, for example:  Most of our whiteboards have a highly durable surface that is exceptionally
resilient to blemishes - no cheap markerboards that peel or are easily stained.  We have been able to maintain our pricing structure and only implement price increases when the market demands it! You can count on our consistent, fair pricing.