GSA Federal Supply Schedule

Magnetic Concepts Corp. creates highly durable, dry erase whiteboards for a wide variety of government agencies.  Manufacturing a high quality, magnetic whiteboard with brilliant color graphics made to your specifications is our expertise.

We also provide industrial strength Rolling Whiteboards, Enclosed Cabinet Boards, Sliding Panel Boards, and a myriad of Whiteboard Supplies and Magnetic Accessories. See a list of products at GSA Whiteboards. We are a U.S. manufacturer that ships orders worldwide directly to you. Our GSA Contract provides a 16% discount off of list prices for all non-excluded products.  Larger orders earn a greater discount - see GSA Ordering Information provision #7 for details. 

Please click this link for our GSA Covered Telecommunications form (filled out and signed) in regards to Section 889 prohibitions:

Covered Telecommunications Representation- Signed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept the government credit card?
Yes, we take all government credit cards.

2. Do the prices include shipping?
No, our contract terms are FOB origin. You should check the "FOB Other" box on your Delivery Order and we will bill you for shipping at government tender rates.

3. Are you a small business?
Yes, we are a small business.

4. What is your contract number and expiration date?
GS-28F-0007Y valid through October 10, 2026.

5. What are your terms?
1/2% 20, net 30 days.

6. Do you honor an Indiana state tax exemption?
Yes, all federal government customers are exempt from Indiana state tax. For order
shipments to Indiana locations simply submit (fax, mail, email) your tax exempt form. 

7. Do you have a different "remit payment to" address?
No, our ordering and billing address are the same:
Magnetic Concepts Corp.
611 3rd Avenue SW
Carmel, IN 46032-2083

8. Do you accept orders via phone, fax, email or internet web site?
Yes, you may place your order by contacting us via:
Phone: 800-334-4245 or 317-580-4020
Fax: 317-580-4024
Email: send message

9. How are GSA discounts handled on internet placed orders?
The proper discount of 16% or more (for larger orders) will be applied to the order when it is received for processing and will be shown in an order confirmation email. 

10. Some items are EXCLUDED but are available OPEN MARKET - what does this mean?
Some items offered at this website are not included in this contract (see Exclusions below), but can be ordered OPEN MARKET. Also, a few items may not be price discounted such as Panaboards™ and Electronic Print Board accessory options.

GSA Ordering Information

Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Pricelist

Online access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!™, a menu driven database system. The INTERNET address for GSA Advantage!™ is: .

          MODIFICATION (07/01/2015)
FSC Group: Group 71, Part I - Office Furniture
Class: 7195
Contract Number: GS-28F-0007Y
For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules, click on the FSS Schedules button at .
Contract Period: Oct. 11, 2011-Oct. 10, 2026
                   611 Third Ave. SW
                   Carmel, IN 46032-2083

Telephone: 1-800-334-4245 (TOLL-FREE) or 317-580-4020 FAX 317-580-4024
Business Size: Small
1a. Special item number: 711-20 Display & Communication Boards, Wall Stations & Accessories
Exclusions: Rectangular Memo Magnets are EXCLUDED.1b. Lowest priced item: N/A due to variety of products.
2. Maximum Order Limitation: $100,000.
3. Minimum Order Limitation: $0.
4. Geographic Coverage: USA
5. Point of Production: Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana, USA
6. Basic Discount: 16% off list prices (except those excluded)
7. Quantity Discounts: $5,001-$15,000  +4% (20%)
                                  $15,001-$25,000  +5% (21%)
                                  $25,001-$50,000  +6% (22%)
                                  $50,001-$75,000  +7% (23%)
                                $75,001-$100,000  +8% (24%)
8. Prompt Pay Discount: 1/2% 20 days, net 30 days
9a. & 9b. Gov’t Credit Card: Accepted, no prompt pay discount
10. Foreign Items: None
11a. Time of Delivery: In-stock items -1-3 days
                                   Contract time - 45 days ARO
11b. Expedited Delivery available on most items- call us.
11c. Overnight & 2-day Delivery Available on some items - call us.
11d. Urgent Requirements: Contact factory for options.
12. FOB Point: ORIGIN (Our factory)
13. Ordering Address: Magnetic Concepts Corp.
                                    611 Third Ave. SW
                                    Carmel, IN 46032-2083
                                    Phone: 800-334-4245
                                    Fax: 317-580-4024

14. Payment address: Same as ordering address.
15. Warranty provision: All necessary adjustments of equipment procured hereunder not occasioned by an accident or misuse through fault or negligence by the Government shall be made by the contractor at his own expense, including transportation costs, if any, during the 90 day period after acceptance by the Government. All equipment procured hereunder is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of acceptance. During the guarantee period, all broken or defective parts not caused by accident or misuse through fault or negligence by the Government must be replaced, and all necessary equipment adjustments occasioned by such defective parts must be made at the contractor’s expense, including labor, parts, and transportation costs, if any.
16. Export Packing Charges: All products packed for domestic shipment. Additional charge for export shipment.
17. Terms and Conditions of Government Credit Card Acceptance: See 9a & 9b above.
18. Terms and Conditions of rental, maintenance and repair: N/A
19. Terms and Conditions of installation: N/A
20. Terms and Conditions of repair parts: N/A
21. List of service and distribution points: N/A
22. List of participating dealers: N/A
23. Preventive maintenance: N/A
24. Environmental attributes: None
25. DUNS Number: 60-407-6943
26. CCR Database Status: Registered