Where are whiteboards made?

Custom whiteboards can be made in any place in the world. Some high-quality whiteboard producers will make their own whiteboards in the USA, and others will resell lower quality whiteboards made cheaply overseas. 

Magnetic Concepts is based in Indiana, USA, and manufactures our own whiteboards right here in Indiana. We have been making and selling whiteboards, custom whiteboards, and magnetic whiteboards, since 1989. We are a trusted source by our long-time and repeat customers. 

If you are investing in a whiteboard you should take the time to figure out where that company is located, where they ship from, and if they manufacture their own whiteboards. One way to figure out if a company manufacturers their own whiteboards is to see if they can cut boards to custom sizes, or if they just sell stock sizes. If they only offer stock sizes, that is a good indication that the products are being made somewhere else, generally in China. If a company is truly manufacturing its own custom whiteboards, it should have the flexibility to cut your board to a custom size and/or print a custom graphic on your whiteboard. 

If you are interested in one of these, please see our website for Custom Printed Whiteboards and Custom Size Whiteboards. If you are looking for custom white boards, this is a time when you should look beyond Amazon to make your purchase. 

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