Multi-Purpose Whiteboards

Versatile grid systems on highly durable, magnetic, dry erase boards

Keep Information Organized

Our custom gridded whiteboards can help you easily organize and communicate information for a variety of purposes. To select your ideal whiteboard:

  1. Determine the optimal grid cell size for your information – options range from 1"x2” to 3"x5"
  2. Determine the number of columns you’d like across the board and the number of rows you’d like down the board (choices shown on product pages)
  3. Choose between write-on/wipe-off magnets or magnetic holders with colored cards to display your cell data

Made to Order Whiteboards 

You can send us your own whiteboard design and we’ll help you create your own custom whiteboard.

Click on a picture for your size of Multi-Purpose whiteboard description, sizes, and prices

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