Process Flow Analysis Chart Whiteboard

A whiteboard for analyzing work flow progress

Process Flow Analysis Chart Whiteboard

A whiteboard for analyzing work flow progress

  • Identify and minimize Non-Value Added Time activities 
  • Target transportation, inspection, re-work, delays, storage, record-keeping and more 
  • Our visual display systems help assure improvement in lean manufacturing process analysis and control, error proofing, safety, quality control and inventory
  • We offer several well-known system designs; however, we can also customize any workflow board to your unique requirements  
  • Includes FREE Supply Kit - see Detailed Description below

NOTE: Aluminum frame is standard.  For a limited time, choose wood frame at checkout, in 4 color options, at no additional cost.

Sizes & Pricing
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Board Size H' x W'
3' x 2'4' x 2'
Board Size H' x W'Ships Via Board with Kit
Part #Price
3' x 2'UPS20534$361.52
4' x 2'UPS20734$443.98
* Price includes a Supply Kit of useful accessories
Additional Information
Detailed Description

  • Process flow analysis chart whiteboards include hidden hanger slots on back
  • Includes FREE kit of whiteboard supplies: 
    • 4 Dry-Erase Markers - fine point red, blue, green, black 
    • Damp Erase Marking Pen - black 
    • Magnetic Penholder 
    • Whiteboard Cleaner 
    • Magnetic Eraser 
    • Hanging Hardware

P/N 20534 3'H x 2'W
process flow analysis chart whiteboard
P/N 21790 4'H x 6'W
continuous improvement whiteboard
P/N 20571 3'H x 4'W
fishbone chart whiteboard
P/N 20573 3'H x 4'W
custom kanban whiteboard

Tech Specs

  • High quality magnetic process flow analysis whiteboard in an aluminum frame 
  • Intense heat permanently fuses your color graphics design with a sheet of solid steel to produce a highly durable, brilliant, dry-erase magnetic surface 
  • Our process produces a sturdy three-layer construction - the steel is laminated onto a rigid engineered wood foundation and backed with a sheet of aluminum foil as a protective moisture barrier 
  • No surface blemishes that are commonly seen on inferior process flow analysis whiteboards 
  • Our Polymer Fusion™ Process creates a long lasting, custom magnetic surface
  •  Maintains its "like new" appearance throughout years and years of daily use 
  • This specialized process produces the most durable of any color printed whiteboard surface available in the market today! 
  • Construction is 0.022" coated sheet of solid steel laminated onto a rigid 3/8" MDF engineered wood foundation 
  • Service temperature range = -10F to +160F 
  • For indoor use 
  • Class C Fire rated 
  • Aluminum frame: Satin anodized extrusion of 6063 Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon alloy which is extremely resistant to cracking and corrosion, framed board weighs 2.7 lbs per square foot, depth from board surface face to wall = 9/16" (14.3 mm)
  • Wood frame: color stained and sealed ash, framed board weighs 3.1 lbs per square foot, depth from board surface face to wall = 15/16" (23.8 mm)


  • We will customize the process flow design to your needs 
  • Station rows can be added or reduced 
  • Different process column headings can be defined 
  • Select a header or border accent color, or add a logo or name of your company 
  • We create the board to best address your admissions procedures -- simply tell us (call, email or fax) what you would like when you order or fax us a design if you prefer something different 
  • Custom designs to your chart specifications 
  • Whiteboard lining tape, letter sets, pens, symbols - see Whiteboard Supplies 
  • Magnetic letters, symbols, card holders, clips - see Other Magnetic Accessories

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Sizes & Pricing
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Board Size H' x W'3' x 2'
Ships ViaUPS
Board with Kit
Part #20534
Price/Ea $361.52
Board Size H' x W'4' x 2'
Ships ViaUPS
Board with Kit
Part #20734
Price/Ea $443.98