Service Schedule Whiteboard

Whiteboard for scheduling service and repair calls

service scheduling board kit
Pictured: P/N 38BC350 - 2'H x 3'W
Wood Frame Color Options
Wood Frames From Left: Black, Walnut, Cherry, Light Oak
service scheduling board kit
Wood Frame Color Options

Service Schedule Whiteboard

Whiteboard for scheduling service and repair calls

  • Easily organizes time and appointments to customers requiring service calls 
  • Keep track of times and locations to efficiently assign dates and service technicians 
  • Avoid "overbooking" and minimize "drive times" 
  • Decrease potential customer dissatisfaction and increase service call productivity
  • Ideal for use in almost any business which makes service or repair calls: 
    • Heating & cooling, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, home improvement, painting, utilities, cable, roofing, auto service and repair, remodeling, contractors, etc.
  • Includes FREE Supply Kit - see Detailed Description below

NOTE: Aluminum frame is standard.  For a limited time, choose wood frame at checkout, in 4 color options, at no additional cost.

Sizes & Pricing
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# of Rows (customers)
14233264 (2x32)
# of Rows (customers)Board Size H' x W'Ships Via Board with Kit
Part #Price
142' x 3'UPS38BC350$341.00
233' x 3'UPS38BC550$470.80
324' x 3'Truck38BC750$565.20
64 (2x32)4' x 6'Truck38BC790$1,001.80
* Price includes a Supply Kit of useful accessories
Additional Information
Detailed Description

  • Dry-erase, highly durable surface on which to write service scheduling information
  • Select appointment organizer board size for maximum number of customers to be scheduled at any given time
  • We will design the service call schedule whiteboard to match your needs 
  • You define the column headers for the information you need to identify and display 
  • Determine the number of the rows to handle service call volume 
  • Change border accent color(s) or add your company name or logo 
  • Use red/green double-sided magnets to quickly show call status 
  • List date and times down the left side and call information across the top 
  • We create the board to best suit your customer service scheduling function - simply tell us (call, email or fax) what you would like when you order 
  • Double wide (two column) 4'x6' board available for scheduling further out with twice as many entries 
  • Includes FREE kit of whiteboard supplies: 
    • 1/2" Adhesive Letter Set - black 
    • 1"x3" Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets - white 
    • Damp-Erase Pen 
    • 1"x1" Double-sided Magnets - green/red 
    • 2 Dry-Erase Markers - black, red 
    • Magnetic Chalktray - holds magnets, markers 
    • Hanging Hardware

Tech Specs

  • High quality magnetic service call schedule whiteboard in an aluminum frame 
  • Intense heat permanently fuses your color graphics design with a sheet of solid steel to produce a highly durable, brilliant, dry-erase magnetic surface 
  • Our process produces a sturdy three-layer construction - the steel is laminated onto a rigid engineered wood foundation and backed with a sheet of aluminum foil as a protective moisture barrier 
  • No surface blemishes that are commonly seen on inferior service call schedule whiteboards 
  • Our Polymer Fusion™ Process creates a long lasting, custom magnetic surface
  •  Maintains its "like new" appearance throughout years and years of daily use 
  • This specialized process produces the most durable of any color printed whiteboard surface available in the market today! 
  • Construction is 0.022" coated sheet of solid steel laminated onto a rigid 3/8" MDF engineered wood foundation 
  • Service temperature range = -10F to +160F 
  • For indoor use 
  • Class C Fire rated 
  • Aluminum frame: Satin anodized extrusion of 6063 Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon alloy which is extremely resistant to cracking and corrosion, framed board weighs 2.7 lbs per square foot, depth from board surface face to wall = 9/16" (14.3 mm)
  • Wood frame: color stained and sealed ash, framed board weighs 3.1 lbs per square foot, depth from board surface face to wall = 15/16" (23.8 mm)


Our Review of Your Design 

  • FOR ORDERS & QUOTES: click on the desired blue part number above and complete your request. You will be then prompted to attach your file NOW or to receive an email to submit your file LATER. 
  • WITH NO ORDER OR QUOTE: to confirm your design or data file is usable or for assistance in selecting the best size or style - Upload Your File Now for our review and acceptance. We will respond by the next business day.

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Sizes & Pricing
Step 2:Select Part # to continue
# of Rows (customers)14
Board Size H' x W'2' x 3'
Ships ViaUPS
Board with Kit
Part #38BC350
Price/Ea $341.00
# of Rows (customers)23
Board Size H' x W'3' x 3'
Ships ViaUPS
Board with Kit
Part #38BC550
Price/Ea $470.80
# of Rows (customers)32
Board Size H' x W'4' x 3'
Ships ViaTruck
Board with Kit
Part #38BC750
Price/Ea $565.20
# of Rows (customers)64 (2x32)
Board Size H' x W'4' x 6'
Ships ViaTruck
Board with Kit
Part #38BC790
Price/Ea $1,001.80